Volunteers are independently driven voluntourists joining us to help move
the organization forward. There is no one specific field they will be focused
on as they are expected to help our team of staff and interns with any project
that, at that specific time, needs attention for us to accomplish our mission
of conserving the Mamoni Valley.


$40 / day for 2 weeks or less

$35 / day for 2-4 weeks

$30 / day for stays over 4 weeks

*Minors are an extra $200/day while in the city. This allows for a staff member to accommodate the guest at all times.


  • Basic lodging & Accommodations included with 3 meals daily
  • Airport pickup and drop-off if staying longer than 3 weeks*
  • Doesn’t cover any costs outside of the Mamoni Valley Preserve
  • Doesn’t cover medical costs
  • Doesn’t cover travel or medical insurance
  • No required minimum stay
  • A required minimum of 40 hours of volunteer help, per week
  • Loosely structured projects in support of personal learning goals and chosen projects
*Private airport/city pickup/drop-off is included in the cost of anyone staying longer than 3 weeks. For volunteers staying less than 3 weeks it costs $120 each way for a ride to or pick up from Tocumen airport or Panama city. Another option is having us pick you up or bring you to Las Margaritas or Chepo, which costs $60 each way.

Your participation will play a crucial part in the successful stewardship and conservation of the Mamoní Valley. In consideration of the investment of time, energy and capital necessary to curate your learning experience, a value agreement will be reached in terms of accommodations, oversight, personal and program goals, and projects to be accomplished.

A short list of the activities you may help us out with include, but are not limited to:

  • Measuring and monitoring plantations
  • Agricultural and reforestation events (plantings, soil prep, site prep, seed gathering, etc.) and educational opportunities with local communities and schools
  • Site and facilities maintenance and support
  • Aiding in rural classroom workshops
  • Patrolling and managing jungle trails with our certified guides
  • Building and tinkering with natural resources like bamboo, vines, hardwoods, among other
  • Supporting in the preparation and facilitation of educational group trips
  • Participating in eco-adventure trips
  • Taking part in multimedia projects
  1. Your attendance will be confirmed after 100% of the balance is paid. 
  2. Upon confirmation of the trip or no later than 6 weeks prior to the trip, we require a 50% deposit. This is to allow us to continue normal operations in preparation for the trip and make any important purchases.
  3. The last 50% of the cost is required 7 days prior to the trip or an additional 5% administrative fee will be charged on the total trip cost.
  4. Long term stays can be paid quarterly or bi-annually, in advance. A 3% discount is offered for payments in full, more than 60 days in advance, 5% on quarterly and 7% on bi-annual pre-payments.

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