Our Preserve is located in one of the most important areas of biodiversity in the world. For millions of migrating birds, tapir, monkeys and five species of big cats, it is the verdant trail between the Americas. To the indigenous Guna, it is the divine Madre Tierra of their semi-autonomous territory. For the small farmers who began settling the area 60 years ago, the valley is a garden offering the hope of survival.

At the very center of this bridge of life, lies the valley of the upper Mamoní River. Jaguar and Harpy Eagles hunt along the forests of its northern edge. Just beyond the valley’s western rim flow the waters of the Chagres into the inter-oceanic Panama canal. From the eastern edge, the headwaters of three rivers cascade toward the Guna island communities of the Caribbean, while the Inter-American highway provides easy access direct from the airport.

A team comprised of original settlers and Guna indigenous, conservationists and investors, scientists and artists are taking action to create the Mamoní Valley Preserve – now encompassing more than 10,000 acres. Our commitment is to show that market- based investments can provide returns to investors while holding conservation and stewardship as a principle mission.

We invite you to join our community.

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