Conservation Research (10 Weeks)

INTERNSHIP DESCRIPTION – Conservation Research

Location: Mamoní Valley, Panama

Job Description

Interns will apply their passion for conservation in the real world and help us discover the biological habitats and its unique inhabitants that live in and around our tropical rainforest campus located in the Mamoní Valley Preserve in Panama. Their research will help us strengthen the ecological knowledge that we need to safeguard the Mamoní Valley Preserve, which is located at the narrowest part of the Americas in a biological corridor that connects two of the world’s top ecological hotspots.

The conservation research intern will contribute to ongoing research and conservation projects within the Mamoní Valley Preserve, including an ornithology study confirming the presence of two rare bird species in the Mamoní Valley and as well as a project to identify and establish wildlife observation locations and educative trails. The intern will also have the opportunity to contribute to external research projects being conducted by associated research institutions.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Data collection and analysis for on-going studies
  • Cataloguing flora and fauna in the various ecosystems surrounding our campus
  • Recording and presentation of data collected, through the application of quantitative methods and models in ecology and conservation biology
  • Helping build wildlife observation locations and educative trails
  • Assisting on interpretive hikes
  • Searching for and identifying best practices in sustainability and quality living

All Experience Mamoní interns are expected to hold a presentation on the results of their work for the Mamoní Valley Preserve stakeholders upon the completion of their internship.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-motivation and ability to work independently
  • High degree of organization and attention to detail; ability to multitask effectively
  • Experience with field research and/or qualitative research is strongly preferred
  • Flexibility and readiness to overcome unexpected challenges in a dynamic rainforest environment
  • Sense of humor and team player
  • Sense of adventure and preparedness to live in a remote location in the middle of the rainforest

Language Requirement: Intermediate Spanish preferred

Tuition: $1,300/Month

Benefits included in tuition:

  • Mentorship from dedicated internship coordinator and program staff
  • Opportunities for professional and leadership development
  • Transportation from Chepo or Las Margaritas to our Centro Mamoni campus
  • Shared lodging in your private tent on a covered, raised wooden cabana at our off-grid rainforest campus at the edge of a vast wilderness preserve
  • Three fresh meals per day cooked on-site. We are able to cater to specialized dietary restrictions.
  • Potable water and fresh fruit drinks
  • High-speed wireless internet
  • Olympic length, stream-fed pool
  • Micro-hydro electricity generation 24/7
  • Access to laundry hand washing station and dry room
  • Special rates for Eco Adventure activities within the Mamoní Valley Preserve
  • Planning support for activities throughout Panama
  • Howler monkeys, hummingbirds, and sloths

Additional information:
Some interns choose to arrive a week or more in advance to spend some time in Panama City and take a Spanish intensive course, which allows them to enrich their experience in Panama.

It is recommended that students purchase personal health and medical insurance.

Packing list and more info on Panama provided upon receipt of application.

Why Experience Mamoni?
At Experience Mamoni, interns aren’t given menial tasks for the sake of keeping busy—you will form an integral part of our team. As a small social enterprise with a close-knit, start-up culture, we are looking for passionate individuals who are willing to work hard and contribute their unique skills and ideas to our mission.

We offer an ideal combination of a fast-paced, forward-thinking work conducted at a remote, sustainability-focused campus in the heart of the Panamanian rainforest. You will be immersed in a wild, natural environment where you wake up to the sounds of tropical birds and howler monkeys. On weekends, you’ll have the opportunity to hike along the continental divide, swim in waterfalls, and explore Panama’s many natural wonders.

In addition to the skills and knowledge you’ll gain from your daily responsibilities, you will have the opportunity to develop as a leader. Join our team of environmentally-minded, passionate restless creatives who look forward to teaching you, both informally and through monthly professional development sessions, about topics ranging from resilience and professional goal-setting, to principles of sustainable practices, to critiques of international development.

How to apply
Send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line “Application to 10 week Conservation Research Internship” by March 1st, 2019.

Take the leap! Apply today.