Are independent students, graduates and young professionals who work with our learning
directors to gain supervised, practical professional experience in a specific field through our
current program offerings: Farm to Table, Agriculture, Agroforestry or Community Development.


$1,700 / month for months 1-3

$1,450 / month for months 4-6

$1,200 / month for each month thereafter

(6 week minimum stay)

*Minors are an extra $200/day while in the city. This allows for a staff member to accommodate the guest at all times.


  • Basic Lodging & Accommodations with 3 meals daily
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Doesn’t cover any costs outside of the Mamoni Valley Preserve
  • Doesn’t cover medical costs
  • Doesn’t cover travel or medical insurance
  • 40 hours of work, per week, minimum
  • Professionally directed work in support of learning goals and chosen projects

Your participation will play a crucial part in the successful stewardship and conservation of the Mamoní Valley. In consideration of the investment of time, energy and capital necessary to curate your learning experience, a value agreement will be reached in terms of accommodations, oversight, personal and program goals, and projects to be accomplished.

  1. Your attendance will be confirmed after 100% of the balance is paid. 
  2. Upon confirmation of the trip or no later than 6 weeks prior to the trip, we require a 50% deposit. This is to allow us to continue normal operations in preparation for the trip and make any important purchases.
  3. The last 50% of the cost is required 7 days prior to the trip or an additional 5% administrative fee will be charged on the total trip cost.
  4. Stays of three months or longer can be paid in full, quarterly or bi-annually, in advance for a discounted rate. Payments must be made 60 days in advance to qualify for a discount.
    1. A 7% discount is offered for 1 year of tuition paid in advance.
    2. A 5% discount is offered for 6 months of tuition paid in advance.
    3. A 3% discount is offered for 3 months of tuition paid in advance.

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