Frequently Asked Questions

Are meals included?

Meals are included in the accommodation price of all bookings. Menus are set and sent to you one week before arrival. We will do our best to accommodate food allergies or special dietary needs, however, space and products can be limited so we cannot guarantee specific options. If you have a food allegory or special need, please advise us a minimum of 2 weeks before arrival.

What is a typical dinner?

Typical breakfast is fresh tropical fruits, eggs, cereal, tropical drinks, coffee and tea.
Typical lunch is Panama style rice and beans, patacones (fried plantains) grilled or seared chicken, and seasonal vegetables.
Typical dinner is Fresh greens, mixed grains or potatoes, chicken, beef or pork with fruit teas.

Can I request specific meals?

Yes, if you would like to have pre-set special meals such as sushi, lobster or other specialty items, it can be arranged for an additional cost and must be requested and approved in advance of your arrival.

Can I cook my own meals?
Currently our cooking facilities are only available for our staff and are not open to the public.
Can I purchase food on site?
No, the closest store is 1.5 hours away from Centro Mamoni. Transportation to/from the store is $80 round trip and must be pre-arranged.
Do you have refrigeration I can use?
No, refrigeration space is limited and therefore usable only by our staff.
How do I get to Panama?

Flying is by far the fastest way to get to Panama. Most major airlines fly into Panama from the US and Europe. United, American Airlines, KLM, Condor and Avancia are just a few of the major airlines that fly here.

The airport code for Tocuman International Airport is (PTY).

You can also fly into Panama from San Juan Costa Rica on Air Panama – the countries regional airline ( If you choose this route you will be flying into either Albrook Airport (PAC) or the airport in the city of David (DAV). David is a 6 hour bus ride from Panama City.

How do I get to Mamoní?

Mamoni i located 3 hours from Panama City. It is 1.5 hours from Las Margaritas (the closest town). We suggest you pre-arrange transportation via private carrier with us ($100 one-way or $200 round-trip per person). We can arrange to pick you up in Panama city (hotel or airport) and take you directly to Centro Mamoni.

If you wish to get take the bus or drive to Las Margaritas on your own (not recommended), you can and we can pick you up there (Round Trip from las margaritas to Centro Mamoni $80 per person).

If you choose to drive to Las Margaritas, you will need a 4-wheel drive vehicle and please note parking will not be secure or monitored.

Busses to Las Margaritas leave from the main bus terminal at the Albrook Mall on a regular basis. If you plan to arrive by bus, you will need to let us know your expected departure time so that we are able to meet you to pick you up there. Please note that the round trip transportation to/from Las Margaritas/Centro Mamomi must be arranged in advance, and is charge per person at $80 each. There is no bus service from Las Margaritas to Centro Mamoni, you must arrange transportation with us for that part of your journey.

Bus tickets are not included in the price noted above. Bus tickets can be purchased at the bus terminal from the counter serving the Las Margaritas area. Bus tickets cannot be purchased online or in advance of the day you wish to travel. Space is limited and departure times may vary.

Is medical care available onsite?

No, The closest major medical care is in Panama City – 3 hours away by car. There is a small clinic that is open limited hours in Las Margaritas as well as a pharmacy. Evacuation by air is possible but not probable.

I have special needs or medications I need to take. Should I still come to Mamoní?

Although we would like everyone to experience Mamoni, the remote location does not make it suitable for everyone.

If you have medical issues that would require quick access to a doctor or hospital, Mamoni may not be for you. Major medical care is 3 hours away at best.

If you are traveling with prescription medication, you should keep the medication in it’s original bottle with the prescription label on it as well as have a copy of the original doctors written prescription or a note from your doctor with you. Be sure to bring enough of your medication for the length of your stay and any delays that could occur.

Although local pharmacies carry major medications, may not have your exact medication or recognize a prescription from outside of Panama and therefore may not be able to replace your medication if it’s lost or damaged. Be sure to keep your medication safe and water-tight.

What should I bring (not bring) to Mamoní?

You should bring:

  • bugspray
  • sunscreen
  • shoes that can get wet
  • long sleeve shirt and long pants
  • flashlight or headlamp
  • non perishable snacks

You should not bring:

  • Food items that need refrigeration
  • high value jewelry or other belongings
  • Anything you don’t want damage
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Guns, knives or other weapons
Do you have potable water available on site?

Of course! Guests have access to as much of the fresh, mineral rich waters that come straight from our pristine stream, which we– just to be extra safe– filter to remove any risk of bacteria or protozoa.

Is your staff trained in first aid?

Yes, many of our staff are trained in basic first aid. We are not doctors, nor medics. There is no medical facilities in the Mamoni Valley and no faster means of evacuation in the event of serious injuries than a helicopter. Those services are available in Panama and can be arranged for, in advance, if desired. The nearest hospital is in excess of 90 minutes away, given the rough road coming in and only a vehicle to get out.

What if I need to leave early?

Transportation is made available when possible outside of scheduled trips. If you’d like to leave early, we’ll do our best to accommodate your timing and help get you back to the Panamerican highway or Panama City.

Is wifi available?
Yes, we have limited, slow Internet connections in Mamoni that work when the weather and other conditions are cooperative.
Will my cell phone work there?
Cell phone coverage is spotty. The staff is familiar with where the signal works best and will be happy to guide you to the strongest signal.
If I need to cancel my trip, are there refunds?

No refunds, of any kind will be offered. As we are a conservation organization, all revenues flow to the support of the mission of ecological restoration of the Mamoni Valley. We appreciate your support and understanding.

Can I stay in Panama City before or after my stay in Mamoní?

The scheduling of flights and other transportation generally lends to staying in Panama City before and after visiting or staying in the Mamoni Valley. While we do not offer accommodations in Panama City, we’d be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

What does a basic lodging look like?

Typically guests stay in our private tents in our largest, shared cabaña that totals 2,605 square ft. (242 m. sq.) Sleeping mats and bedding are also provided. Some guests choose to spoil themselves and upgrade to one of our private two-story rustic cabañas which are equipped with beds, hot showers, and flush toilettes.

What does a typical day look like?

After enjoying a healthy breakfast that always includes fresh tropical fruits, around 8am we get started on our personal or group projects. These, for example, can be at our Centro Mamoni campus working on a sustainable project, in one of the Valley communities aiding the teacher with a workshop for the students, at a reforestation plot in the Preserve helping bring back the bio-diversity, or sharing experiences with locals at our nursery and site dedicated to integrated agricultural systems, among other. Lunch gets packed or made at our Centro Mamoni campus and the afternoons are wrapped up with a couple more hours of projects and are finished up with a stop at one of our swimming holes or lounging in our campus’ refreshing natural pool. For dinner volunteers and interns share in the culinary prep, which always provides exciting new meal creations inspired by their mix of cultures! The night time is reserved for lounging in the hammocks and sharing the days activities around our indoor camp fire with fellow colleagues.

What should I expect to be eating?

Most of our meals are vegan or vegetarian, but at times we also prepare special meals with animal protein. In the morning cereals and grains, yogurts, breads, tropical fruits, and eggs are a custom. For lunch we prepare items like burritos, quesadillas, grilled cheeses, salads, and tropical fruits. Our dinners vary between rice, yuca and other tuber options with plantains, legumes, local veggies or salads. Dinners are often accompanied by fresh drinks made from local fruits and plants.

What do we do on weekends?

Weekends are for personal time. Adventure trips in the Mamoni Valley can be arranged with staff. Some guests choose to explore outside of the Valley and we are happy to help out with logistics.

When is payment due?

At up to 6 weeks in advance a deposit payment is needed. Remainder at 7 days prior to arrival or a 5% admin fee will be added to your total cost. (see payment policy for more details)

Can we travel while in a program?

Work schedules can be flexible to accommodate travel experiences.

Do you provide transportation or airport pick-up?

Private airport/city pickup/drop-off is included in the cost of anyone staying longer than 3 weeks. For volunteers staying less than 3 weeks it costs $120 each way for a ride to or pick up from Tocumen airport or Panama city. Another option is having us pick you up or bring you to Las Margaritas or Chepo, which costs $60 each way.

Does it matter what time I arrive or depart?

If your flight arrives after 4pm you need to stay in the city and they will come up the following morning. If your flight is before 9am that they need to be in Panama city the night before, and in this event we don’t bring them to the airport, but we will arrange a taxi for them at their cost.

Can I buy personal supplies in the Mamoni Valley?

There are no shops in the Valley. Weekly supply runs to the city are made and guests can piggy-back purchases on these runs.

What should I bring?

After filling out an interest form and send your initial 50% deposit you will receive on-boarding documents that’ll include a “What to bring” packing list, among other information.

Is space limited?

Yes. Upon receiving your interest form you will be notified within 24hrs of availability.

Do you provide scholarships or stipends for interns or apprentices?

Do you provide scholarships or stipends for interns or apprentices? We do have a budget set for scholarships and stipends, which are offered on a case to case basis. A video call interview will be set up for those interested in seeking funding and assessment will be based on personal experiences, skill sets, time availability, program(s) and project(s) of interest, among other.