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Experience Mamoní

Experience Mamoní facilitates research, learning programs and
ecotourism while developing a biodiverse and self-sustainable
community in the heart of Panama’s Mamoní Valley.

Who we are

Experience Mamoní is run by an international consortium of philanthropists, investors,
thought leaders and stakeholders with goals of conserving rainforest, wildlife and
culture while developing a biodiverse and self-sustainable community.

Where we are

We are located in the Mamoní Valley of Panama, about 90 minutes East from Panama City. The land is governed by The Mamoní Valley Preserve, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting biocultural leadership and engaging in large-scale land conservation and habitat restoration within the 28,000 acre Upper Mamoní Valley Watershed and beyond.

Learning Programs

Experience Mamoní regularly hosts students from around the world to study, learn and practice different fields of study within our 10,000 acre classroom, workshop and living laboratory. Under the guidance of certified instructors, scientists and biologists, students can gain invaluable real world experience while practicing in areas like sustainable agriculture, forest restoration, community development and more!

The Campus

Centro Mamoní and its immediate surroundings offer a unique experience. and convenient set of opportunities apart from the Valley at large. On the grounds, our students can:

  • Enjoy a swim in our 25-meter, stream fed swimming pool
  • Study physics and electricity with our 1kw micro hydroelectric plant
  • Get hands-on at our industrial woodshop
  • Get physical on our rope swing or in the lawn
  • Get creative at our bamboo amphitheater
  • Learn about nutrient cycles, soil conditioning, food security and microbiology through our small-scale organic agricultural systems
  • Discover the diversity of the forest through our endemic botanical garden
  • Much more!

Visit Us and Experience Mamoní

Enjoy a comfortable stay, a world away.

We offer a wonderful and affordable experience for guests as well!
Enjoy a fun getaway with countless tours, activities and experiences
while enjoying a clean and comfortable stay in one of our private cabanas!

Activities & Adventures

There is always something to do while in the Valley.
Whether it’s kayaking, hiking, snorkeling or simply floating down the river,
our guests can be assured that fun will be involved!