The Centro Mamoni Campus solar project is an initiative started and lead by M100 member and Inovateus Solar president, TJ Kanczuzewski. It started back in 2017 when TJ first visited the Mamoni Valley Preserve as a participant in Geoversity’s Nature of Business Program.

During his time in Mamoni he was immediately intrigued by the idea of connecting the remote facilities to solar. He clearly understood how the mini hydro-electric that is currently in place handles the loads of the site. The rainy season offers good energy production with its high water flow, but the dry season has barely enough water flow to maintain power at the site.

“That’s perfect for solar!” TJ said.

It was perfect because the dry season offers the most sun, which is when the hydro-electric has its lowest production and also when we have the highest number of guests visiting and using power.

Over the next months TJ and Experience Mamoni’s CEO, Mark Knetsch, worked together to draw up a plan for the solar install.

After further data collection and research of the Campus’ landscape, along with calculating its energy and wiring needs, a strategy was ready to be set in motion. The implementation called for a three pronged approach:

  1. Partner with a local solar company to complete the install. For this we turned to the best in Panama: SolarLatam.
  2. Have Inovateus Solar lay out the new electrical grid and oversee the more technical engineering specs and requirements.
  3. Have Experience Mamoni manage the final install.

Now that we have all our solar ducks in a row, we just need some final support from our beloved community to help us fund this energized initiative!

A tax deductible donation for this project can be made >>HERE<<

Solar Specs at a Glance

Cost: $25,000 – $30,000

Energy Production: 5kWh

Total Battery Storage: 2,400 Amp

Inverter System: 5kVA – 48V – 120AC

Total Wiring: 1,100 meters

Want to see what it takes to develop solar for the site?  Have fun wallowing in the following Tech Spec Sheets:

Detailed solar assessment plan PDF. doc

Solar panel spec sheet

Inverter spec sheet

Battery spec sheet

Charge controller spec sheet

Power tracker spec sheet