President of Inovateus Solar and M100 Member, T.J. Kanczuzewski, came to Mamoní with his family to share with them what it is he fell in love with that led him to join the M100 family. Their time was spent exploring the rainforest, diving into waterfalls, and enjoying other family oriented activities like the jagua fruit henna tattoos inspired by the Embera indigenous tribes.

Their visit brought light on the energy requirements our site needed to host the increasing number of student groups, researchers, and adventure seekers coming to experience the Mamoní Valley Preserve. Where there’s light there’s energy(!) and with that they have stepped up their involvement by providing seed funding and technical support for a 5kWh solar array and a full-site electrical wiring blueprint at our Centro Mamoní facilities.  T.J. & Inovateus Solar would also help with implementation. We’re hoping to break ground soon and be soaking up the sun for November!

This upgrade to the microgrid is the first of several improvements to Centro Mamoní being planned for the coming year.

Support the Kanczuzewski family solar pledge and help us become more sustainable. Donate to the solar array >>here<<

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