Our rainforest campus is evolving and, with the help of volunteers, interns, and student groups coming in from all over the world, we’re on our way to a more sustainable site.

During the past months we have worked on various permaculture projects to enhance our own organic, more sustainable garden. Some of the projects we’ve been working on are: reforestation, composting systems management, swails to control soil erosion and nutrient loss, raised bamboo garden beds for organic gardens, and trail improvements.  

The dedication, experiences, and good laughter our interns and volunteers share with us is invaluable. With their boots-on-the-ground they help us accomplish everything from the mundane to the most physically enduring tasks the dynamic rainforest environment hurls at us: tackling one seemingly impossible feat at a time like a colony of leaf cutter ants.

To our interns, volunteers, and the rest of our beloved community; none of this would be here without all your support— we cannot thank you enough!

Interested in volunteering or interning at our rainforest campus?

Contact us >>here<< and take the leap!